Therapy for Kids

1333481999Are your instincts telling you that something isn’t right?

That raising a child shouldn’t be this hard?

If your child is feeling sad, worried, or overwhelmed, it can result in behaviors that make life difficult for the whole family.  School refusal, self-harming, and acting out can all be responses to their intense emotions. These behaviors can put a strain on even the strongest families.

We understand how hard it is to be a parent today.

From knowing how to manage social media to monitoring screen time and ensuring homework is done, there’s a lot of complexity and care involved at every step.

You’ve tried everything to ensure your child is happy and set up for success, but what you are doing isn’t working, and you are very tired of hearing people’s opinions of what you should be doing and how to do it.

You’ve tried it all. It hasn’t worked. So, what next?

574173421Get back on track with the right support

FIDI therapy can help you both get back on track. We can help support you and your child with scientifically proven therapy methods, tailored treatments, and compassionate care. We know what it’s like and we can put our experience and training to work for your family.

Book your first appointment, and we can help you and your child create a better path forward.