What Our Patients Say?

Marcos is a very flexible and open mind Therapist. You feel free to express your feelings and emotions.
Tiff C.
I've worked with Marcos since 2015 and can honestly say he's helped me move forward with my life and grow in a way that I don't think I would've been able to alone. He's helped me evaluate my values and set goals on a weekly / monthly / yearly basis. I think the homework he gives each week is a huge part of what makes each session so successful.
Birttany R.
Marcos is passionate about his job, which he doesn't even view as a job, but more like a higher calling. And you can see that by looking at how he treats his patients. The time he takes before, during and after his sessions, places him in a class of professionals that truly are "professional." He is kind, gentle, thoughtful, thorough and is an absolute fantastic listener. He has personally helped me overcome challenges in my life and is an absolute lifeline. I highly recommend him.
Beth H.
Loved my meeting with Marcos!!He is very knowledgeable and experienced and helps you dentifies key areas of concerns/problems and immediately works with the individual to overcome the problems by providing tools and exercises in between meetings ensuring quick results.
Haydee M.
His therapy is short term so we meet every week. He sends "homework" or things you have to pay attention to on your daily life and then discuss them in the next visit to make changes. He's very professional and friendly. His treatment works!
Isabelle S.
Marcos is a kind soul and is very easy to open up to. I needed help with a few specific issues and we got to the bottom of them rather quickly. I consider him a personal trainer for my mind.
Arlena Y.
He is very empathetic yet tells you what you need to hear. He is extremely intelligent and knows exactly what to say to help you discover the things you need to know about yourself to make you the best person you can be. I just started seeing Marcos Quinones but I am very pleased and will continue to see him. I definitely recommend him.
Jacky S.
In my experience, I was so reluctant to seek professional help. I used to think that seeking help is only for crazy people. Well, I had misunderstood the whole concept of psychotherapy. When, I came in for help, I was a total wreck, and I think that's an understatement. I was a total mess. Through the use of the skills learned from Marcos, I began to see light in my life. In summary, my life now is so amazingly wonderful, and I mean this from the deepest part of my soul or being. Thank you!
Chris F.
He is an empathetic listener and has good advice. I appreciated his openness and honesty. As a therapist myself, I respect what he does and recognize that he stands out among our peers. He was really able to help me.
Van H.
Compassionate, caring and very honest. Down to earth and easy to talk to. I'm so glad I found Marcos! I definitely recommend him to everyone - you will not be disappointed!
Antoinette C.
Dr Quinones was very helpful. His calm tone of voice is very relaxing and made me feel comfortable almost instantly. He asked thorough questions in order to fully understand the issues I was having. I am looking forward to completing my set of sessions with him.
Jessica B.
Great first visit. Will need to follow up and see over the course of time for more insightful review.
Kiel B.
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