Relationship Counseling

What is relationship counseling?

Two common complaints in relationships is lack of intimacy and ineffective communication. Lack of intimacy is often associated with ineffective communication; when we feel attacked by our partner, we put up a shield to protect ourselves. This metaphoric shield blocks us from fostering intimacy and connecting with our partner. If we learn how understand, “get,” and have our partners “back” whether they are right or wrong, we cultivate intimacy. In the process of understanding our partner, we are able to see and communicate from their perspective, and vice versa.

It is time to feel better.

Most couples can solve or reduce their problems with new skills and new tools. The good news is that these skills and tools can be taught. The great news is that with desire and practice, many relationships get better and happier. We can’t promise to save every relationship, but we believe in love and we want to help make it easier and better for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does couples counseling work?

For most people, the beginning of a relationship is the easiest. You seem to be on the same page about most issues. Getting along is almost effortless. Some couples describe this as a sense of ‘oneness’ – a merging of two people into a couple.

As time goes on, each partner realizes that not everything is perfect. The way that each partner looks at their differences and responds to them is what can contribute to ongoing struggles.

This is where couples counseling comes in. With the support of a therapist, each partner’s concerns can be voiced in a safe environment, and the therapist can help to identify the patterns of communication that are causing problems. The therapist then helps each partner to both gain an understanding of their partner’s feelings and to communicate their own concerns in a way that enables the couple to move forward.

“But what if my partner doesn’t want to come in for couples counseling?”

This is actually quite common. And, yes, we would love to have both partners commit to working together on the relationship. Couples therapy works well when we have two partners committed to improving the relationship. However, we have successfully “helped” many relationships improve – with just one person coming for “couples” counseling.”

We believe you can improve your relationship by becoming more aware of what you need, what you believe your partner needs, and then making some adjustments to how you interpret and respond in your interactions. We think that is great news: you have the opportunity to improve your relationship without struggling to get your mate to change.

If not now, when?

Please don’t wait until the distance between you has grown too great. Consider couples therapy today. Because you deserve love. And we want to help you have a more healthy, fulfilling and loving relationship.

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