Meet The Team

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Marcos A. Quiñones


Hello. It’s my pleasure to welcome you. My name is Marcos and I’m a psychotherapist with one goal: to help you take action and be the person you are meant to be.

What I Do:

As a therapist, you and I will explore who you are meant to be. How would you like to show up at work, with friends, in health, and with your partner or children? Then, we would look at what stops you from being the person you want to be. Is it anxiety, depression, anger, or other emotions, thoughts, health challenges, or skill. With over 15 years of practicing solution based therapies and drawing on neuroscience, I will guide you every step of the way.

My Specialty:

I specialize in treating adults in midlife — adults who have reached professional and familiar success and now are feeling a void. The void can seem like stuckness, loss of vitality and passion, or boredom. From this emptiness comes frustration, irritability, and an urge for self-destructive behaviors. I help identify new and healthy passions, return to activities that were once fulfilling, and manage the calls to behave self destructively.

What To Expect:

The process is like learning to drive. As long as you’re committed to the program and want to sit in the driver’s seat, I guarantee a patient and willing instructor by your side.

My approach is unique, and I’m confident you’ll see progress soon. The first step is to schedule a consultation online or call 646-289-0533.



My name is Lucas Mayrsohn. My mission is to empower you to become your best self, while providing a safe space for you to express your thoughts and feelings. Although I work with all types of clients, I specialize in treating adults suffering from depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, relationship issues, and substance abuse. I also have a special interest in helping individuals cope with the emotional stressors of having a stutter.

I attended New York University, where I earned my master’s degree in social work and an advanced certification in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I am also trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

I believe that therapy is most effective when it is a collaboration. I do more than just listen; I provide honest and helpful feedback while supporting your goals and values. During the therapeutic process, you will gain a deeper understanding of what you want out of life and develop skills to help you attain it. You will know if you are benefiting from therapy based on how you feel and act outside of our sessions. You will start to see yourself consistently making choices that move your life in a positive direction, even in the face of difficult and painful emotions.

– Lucas Mayrsohn 


Tyvon Foster


Tyvon attended Adelphi University where he received his undergraduate and graduate degree in clinical social work. Tyvon has also earned a certification as an Anger Management Specialist and is a nationally recognized member in America and Canada. In addition, Tyvon is certified in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

After graduating, Tyvon has worked in diverse settings including preventive services, school based agencies, and education. His professional background also includes working with diverse populations such as Hispanic, Muslim, African, adolescences, adults, couples, and families. Tyvon has experience in treating clinical depression, family/relationship issues, sexual abuse, anxiety, anger, self-esteem, PTSD, and psychological trauma to name a few.

Tyvon’s clinical interest include treating personality disorders. Tyvon has an eclectic therapeutic style that includes individual and group client-centered, cognitive behavioral, strength-based, and solution-focused. Tyvon believes that the root of all successful outcomes in therapy derives from establishing a safe and trusting relationship with his clients.


Sofia Muñoz


Hi! I’m Sofia Muñoz, psychotherapist, I help people process and cope with their interpersonal and intrapersonal issues, which subsequently makes way for constructive growth and change. I use evidence-based theory to help guide my understanding of my clients’ symptomologies and how to address the problems that arise from them. My aim is to create a warm, safe and supportive environment where we can discuss your stressors, triggers, emotions and goals. Together, we will use your unique strengths as a catalyst to develop insight and change in your lifestyle and perspective. I will provide education, support, skills, and coping strategies that will inevitably help you grow, achieve/support your goals, calm your mind, establish connectivity in your relationships, and allow you to feel lighter and more fulfilled.

I received my Masters from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University where I focused my training on Mental Health Counseling. I am a MHC-LP with experience supporting individuals and families with anxiety, depression, stress management, trauma and relationship concerns in English and in Spanish.


José Holguin

Marketing Specialist

Hello my name is José Holguin. I’m the marketing specialist for FiDi therapy. I’m an F.I.T. graduate. My main goal is to create and maintain a social media awareness of the company. To make sure that clients can easily find the help they need by being the bridge between them and the first step to being the person they want to be. I manage all the social accounts and create content to keep clients up to date on any company changes.

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